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We are so excited to be partnering with Women of Africa and to donate 100% of the profit of the sales of the book to their powerful cause. Women of Africa is an international non-profit organization dedicated to creating a platform for women to stand together worldwide as stakeholders in Africa and world affairs; drawing on their inner power and Divine Authority to bring about a positive shift in universal consciousness to end poverty and violence in our world.

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The Power of Being a Woman” book will allow you to…

Be a Published Author

by Decemeber of 2014 and for a fraction of the normal cost. We take care of all the costs including: ghostwriting, production, and promoting a bestselling campaign.

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with other women and let them be inspired by your journey and your inner power. Your story will help other women realize that they are also powerful.

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with your message and your mission. When you reach more people you can make a bigger impact, server more people and have a prosperous business.

Help Other Women Thrive

100% of the profit of the sales of the book will be donated towards a non-profit organization that helps women survivors of abuse and neglect.

Do you meet these criteria to be one of our featured contributors?

~ You have a heart-centered business and want to reach more people
~ You want to share your story with the world and make a positive impact
~ You like to collaborate with other women and be an example on how we can succeed together and united
~ You are willing to help promote the book during the book launch so we can all become bestselling authors


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Vanessa Halloum

Vanessa Halloum is the author of the multi-award winning book “The 5 Feminine Power Virtues”. Her mission is to help spread a message of feminine spirituality, leadership and entrepreneurship and to encourage women to use their voice to ignite positive change in the world.

She’s also a holistic marketing coach, speaker and seminar leader. As the president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Fort Lauderdale, she helps mission-driven entrepreneurs attract more of their ideal clients so they can grow their business and make a bigger impact.

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Kate Neligan

Kate Neligan brings ten years of entertainment and digital media expertise to her company Synergy TV, an on demand and online channel that entertains, enlightens and inspires. Previously, Kate was the VP of On Demand & Digital Marketing at Lionsgate where she promoted thousands of films. Kate also ran the marketing and event planning for American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab and started her career at iN Demand. Kate holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from USM. In addition to conscious media, her other passion is empowering women in their careers as a life coach under her brand Conscious Rockstar. Kate’s story can be found in the book “Women Will Save the World” and her company’s websites are and

Kate Neligan is the Founder & CEO of the conscious media company Synergy TV, and she helps empower women under her coaching brand, Conscious Rockstar.

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Carmela Ramaglia

A dynamic and engaging speaker with a worldwide audience representing more than 35 countries, Carmela Ramaglia is quickly becoming internationally recognized as a leading authority in clarifying and healing the issues surrounding diet, exercise and weight-loss. She is the author of Happy Calories Don’t Count (neither does unhappy exercise) and the creator of the New Body Mind Makeover™. Her groundbreaking five step signature system is the result of reverse engineering the process she discovered to heal her own painful obsession with diet, exercise and weight-loss.

Carmela illuminates the path for healing and sustainable results. Her transformational program synthesizes all the pieces of the weight-loss puzzle into a tangible, reliable structure that facilitates a free and life-giving relationship with food and creates the conditions for lasting weight-loss.

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Celia Ward-Wallace

Celia Ward-Wallace is a certified life coach, keynote speaker and the author of “A Woman’s Guide to Having it All, Life Lessons to Live By.” Celia thought she had the perfect life – until she lost it all. Through her journey back from rock bottom, she realized that a great life is not measured by what you have but by who you are. Celia Ward-Wallace is on a mission to mobilize over 1,000,000 women with the tools to stand in their power, live a life of contribution and manifest their greatness, through her movement of “Empowering Women Every Day” as well as through her book, coaching programs, seminars and speeches. Celia is also the Vice President of the Certified Coaches Federation, America’s Leading Life & Executive Coach Certification Training Program.

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica is a “savvy” single mom who has mastered the fine art of running home-based businesses over the past 14 years since the birth of her son. She prides herself on never having had a “real” job and helps other women create their own home-based success story through her NEXTLEVEL Business Coaching Program and VIP “Business Turnaround” Days. Specifically, her mission is saving women from the Solopreneur Traps of being stressed out, financially strapped, time-starved and spiritually drained.

Jessica is also a certified money breakthrough method coach and was recently featured on the Femme Finance Radio Show with Debbie Whitlock. She is a member of the International Association of Women Business Coaches.

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Katie Day

Katie Day started her training and motivational speaking career in 1989 with Carolyn Miller, a top Style Consultant in the United Kingdom, providing Personal Branding and Image Management. She earned her training accreditation in 1995 with the Springboard Program, a self-development course for women. Katie took this program to the financial district of London, where she worked with many women in that arena to present themselves with authority and gain respect, yet retain their uniqueness and femininity.

Katie has become a sought after speaker and trainer on women’s development and leadership skills. She has appeared many times on National Radio both in the UK and the US, she has appeared on TV, and had articles featured in many business publications across the World. Her new book, The High-heeled Leader, Embrace Your Feminine Power in Life and Work, was published in September 2012 and is available via Balboa Press and on Amazon.

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Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps women identify and energetically heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. The true spirit of her work is to show you the exquisite satisfaction of fulfillment and the joyous freedom of prosperity that comes from giving birth to the life that your soul is longing to express.

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Nancy Penttila

Nancy Penttila is an internationally recognized holistic healer and developer of the best-selling ‘Inner Miracles’ hypnosis audio programs. She is also the founder of the Whole Body Wellness Centre and – where you can find some of the world’s most comprehensive healing protocols, life changing retreats and transformational coaching and membership programs ever created.

She has trained and worked with world renowned doctors, healers & meditation masters that have credited her as being ‘revolutionary’ and ‘ranking amongst the best healers in the world’ and ‘having the potential to make an eternal imprint on humanity’ with her powerful intuition, pure energy, gifted hands and her love for the human spirit.

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Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson is a public speaker, a powerful coach, and a charismatic leader. Kristina considers herself a voice to the voiceless. She embarked on this journey over a decade ago in a clinical setting and decided to step up her game and began impacting lives on a larger scale in order to reach a broader audience. She delivers a powerful message of empowerment, service, gratitude, and possibility.

Through her own personal journey, Kristina realized her ability and the possibility to change lives was infinite. She has a bold voice she has used to advocate for the rights of those that otherwise would go unheard or unseen due to age, maturity, disability, social, educational or economical status, or because of life status and/or choice. She has shown and continuous to show love and support to those who may be considered broken, damaged, or unlovable and definitely for those who want to step out of their box and up their game.

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Jane Villar-Gehr

Jane Villar-Gehr is a spiritually inspired visionary, producer, artist and founder of Stargate Alliance whose dream is to offer her Self as an instrument for the betterment of humanity and uplifting of consciousness on the planet. She says her deep heartfelt connection with Source is the driving force and fuel in everything she co-creates and assists in bringing forth.

After a 14-year hiatus immersing herself almost exclusively in marriage and motherhood to four children, she returned to school to get her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology at USM, in Santa Monica, California. Stargate Alliance’s dream inception came about in 2008 as the result of a living vision at the end of the first year of her M.A. program. To assist in manifesting her inspiring new dream, Jane felt called to prepare for the work through enriching her curriculum with Cinematography, Film Editing, Business of Entertainment, Documentary Film Making, Voice and Writing classes.

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Dr. Phyllis Hubbard

Dr. Phyllis Hubbard is a Motivational Speaker, Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Life and Health Coach, Qigong Instructor, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her wide range of professional education also includes Education, Training, Therapeutic Nutrition, Clinical Aromatherapy and Herbology.

“Dr. Phyl’s” straightforward and humorous presentations blend ancient holistic wisdom with cutting edge research in a way that is fun and easy to understand. She travels nationally and internationally as a Holistic Health Educator and to research indigenous holistic practices to integrate into her healing techniques and workshops.

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Gloria Coppola

Gloria Coppola, author, educator, health coach and massage therapist has been in the healing arts for more than 25 years. She is the former owner of a holistic health center, massage school and health food store. She is the recipient of the World Massage Hall of Fame for her dedication in the healing arts award and the Aunty Margaret Humanitarian for being the founder of a nonprofit called Massage Without Borders. Gloria currently is involved in inspiring woman around the world through education and healing retreats.

A national spiritual leader, retreat leader and grandmother, teaching is a natural environment for Gloria. She is also astudent of life. Gloria attended Clayton School of Natural Healing and obtained her health coach certificate through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has studied with many icon leaders like Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Bernard Jensen, Anodea Judith, Bernie Siegal, Joan Borysenko to name a few.

She’s also the author of “Both Ends of the Rainbow, A Healing Journey”.

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Dr. Valencie Exceus

Valencie Exceus, AP, DOM (Dr.Vie) is an Acupuncture Physician and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She is licensed by the state of Florida and board certified through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Dr. Vie is a graduate of the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Vie turned her childhood fascination with plants and their medical properties into a profession that sows the seeds of health every day. Growing up in Haiti and being so free and close to nature, Dr. Vie has developed her interest in natural medicine very early on. She would carefully observe elders and adapt their ancient knowledge. She went on to study the Social Sciences with the goal of becoming a Lawyer.   During her junior year at Florida Atlantic University, she started feeling a pull to continue exploring her childhood interests in natural medicine and provide true healing to people.   She took a semester off to find her true calling, and by the end of the semester, she was enrolled at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.

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Patricia Young

Patricia Young is a Holistic Coach, Reiki Master and Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. After 20 years working for the Corporate World, Patricia decided to follow her calling to help growth oriented women that are stuck in a career that is unfulfilling, but they know deep in their heart that there is something else they are meant to be doing. The goal of Inner Prosperity Academy is to inspire women to commit to recreating their lives to the ones they came here to live, and to give their greatness to the world, by finding their Life Purpose and living a life filled with Inner Prosperity and Joy. She does transformational individual coaching, online coaching programs, VIP Days and workshops. She is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, but she serves, virtually, clients all over the world.

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