Becoming a published author is such an important step in gaining the credibility needed to position yourself as an expert.

As you may already know, writing a book is no easy task! It takes time, energy and money! Aside from just the writing, a book needs editing, coaching, graphic work, printing and lots of marketing. Needless to say, the bills can add up very quickly!

The Power of Being a Woman

What if I could offer you an easier way to become a published author without all the work and the huge expenses?

Well, maybe there is!


Hello future published authors!

My name is Vanessa Halloum. I’m a transformational coach and marketing strategist and I recently hosted a successful telesummit called The Power of Being a Woman in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

It deeply touched the hearts of the listeners who were incredibly inspired by successful and powerful women like NY Times bestselling author Sonia Choquette, six-time Emmy Award winner Shawne Duperon, and many many others.

The Power of Being a Woman Telesummit was such a success, it only made sense to turn it into a book so that more empowering and inspiring women could share their stories and messages with the world.

That is why we are currently looking for women like YOU!


If you are a coach, speaker, teacher, healer, or messenger who is craving to be a part of first “Power of Being a Woman” book, the time is NOW! I will highlight your story about how you began to embrace your own power in life and help you to send that message of empowerment to the world through this life- changing book!


We will schedule a time for a 60 interview with you
The recording will be transcribed and turned into a chapter for the book
We will include your bio, your picture and your website for exposure
We will take care of all the details of creating and promoting the book

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All you have to do is show up for the interview and help us get the word out during our virtual book launch party. We will take care of all the rest!


This book project is for the heart-centered women who are doing positive and empowering work in the world and:

Are looking for way to make an impact and make a difference and/or
Are looking to become one of our collaborative authors of this future best selling book
Are touched by the devastating epidemic of child sexual abuse and want to help us do something about it



So much great work has been done to raise awareness towards things like breast cancer, AIDS and heart attacks but not a lot of awareness has been raised when it comes to the devastating effects of child sexual abuse. Meanwhile this epidemic is getting worse and worse and most people are not even aware of the issue. One in three girls and one in six boys experience child sexual abuse, while only one in ten cases ever get reported.heart

As a survivor of child sexual abuse myself, I know very well the devastating consequences to your mental and emotional well-being which are only compounded by the inability of most family members and people in general of handling the situation in an empowering way. Many times survivors are either given the blame for the incident or dismissed altogether.

This needs to stop! We need a more positive and open-hearted way to deal with the situation and I’m committed to doing everything I can to help in this cause. I’m currently looking at a non-profit charities who are committed to this cause so that we can partner.

Our intention is that 100% of the profits of the sales of the book (such as on will be given to this non-profit who can benefit from not only the funds but from the publicity we intend to create around the launch of this book, as well as the content of the book itself. There’s nothing more empowering than hearing stories of other women on how they’ve overcome their challenges.

We need empowering women like YOU to collaborate with us in this book!


Please complete the form below if you’d like to be considered for The Power of Being a Woman book